Shut Down Procedure

Shut Down Procedure main image Shut Down Procedure image


WARNING:  You must follow the shutdown procedure in the order of the steps noted.  Failure to follow the sequence of steps can result in arcing and damage to your system.  A fire is possible if PV DC Isolators are switched off under load.

On or adjacent to your inverter is a SHUTDOWN PROCEDURE label.


STEP 1: Turn off the “MAIN SWITCH (INVERTER SUPPLY)” and “INVERTER AC ISOLATOR”  These are located in your switchboard and/or adjacent to you inverter:


STEP 2:  Turn off the “PV ARRAY DC ISOLATOR(S)” next to the inverter.  Note there may be more than one.  On Fronius inverters it is part to the inverter in the form of a rotary switch on the underside of the inverter.

ADDITIONAL STEP FOR OFF GRID SYSTEMS:  Pull down battery isolator fuse.  Do this sharply and smoothly to avoid arcs.


Follow the reverse of the SHUTDOWN PROCEDURE - i.e. step 2, then step 1.