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Mandurang:  The customer wanted quality and a system that could be expanded to include charging an EV.  We installed LG panels and an Selectronic SP Pro AC coupled with an SCERT Fronius.  Powerplus lithium batteries allow effective infinite expansion of the customer's battery bank, one cell at a time - something that can't easily be achieved with lead based batteries.  The solar can be added to in future and the Selectronic can be clustered to expand inverter capacity.

Note the use of metal cable tray for a premium install you'll be proud to show off to your friends.


Kyneton:  This property was a weekender running from a generator.  The customer was looking to move to Kyneton permanently over time, so wanted a flexible system that could be expanded to over time.  The result is REC solar panels and a Selectronic SP Pro inverter AC coupled via a SCERT Fronius.  These were sized for permanent living.  We used Powerplus lithium batteries (which can easily be added to over time as needs grow) plus a Gentech generator.  Again note the use of metal cable tray for a premium and very safe install.


Swan Hill (pre built system):  Building systems in our factory saves a significant amount of time on site, reducing costs.  Our A-grade solar accredited installers mount and pre-wire the equipment and we configure and program the system before it is carefully packed for transport.  Sunergy installed the system on site.

The brief was to provide power to a new property where the cost of grid connection was exhorbitant.  The configuration is Suntech panels, a Selectronic SP Pro inverter which is AC coupled with an SCERT Fronius, Powerplus lithium batteries and Cummins generator.  Note use of metal cable tray.  This photo was taken during the build.

Trentham:  The design brief was to develop a solution that could be installed in stages.  The customer wanted power security with his current two phase grid connection with the option to add batteries and go fully off grid in the future.

We installed LG solar panels, two SCERT Fronius inverters and a two phase Welling & Crossley generator which auto starts if the grid fails.  The configuration was arrived at after analysing the peak and average power requirements for the property.  

Rheola (pre built system):  The customer wanted a budget friendly solution for a small single occupancy house, rather than running a generator every evening to cook dinner and watch TV.   The customer also wanted to run an air conditioner on hot days.

The solution we designed cut a compromise between system cost and how many days of poor weather the system could run before needing the generator to recharge the batteries.  We also designed it such that the air conditioner was a generator only circuit (again as a compromise between cost and function).

Sunergy pre-built the system in our factory and then installed.  The system comprises Suntech panels, Victron Easy Solar, Victron gel batteries and uses the customer's existing generator.

Victron Easy Solar combines a charge controller, inverter and AC switch board into one unit.  Pre-build on a pre-build!  The photo taken after the build was finished and before packing for transport.




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