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To reconnect your Select.Live to the internet, perform the steps in the following order:

1. Disconnect the Select.Live device from SP PRO then reconnect (taking off the 12V supply), either at Select.Live end with RJ45 or at SP PRO with DB9. note, that this can take several minutes for the reset to take place.

2. If Select.Live is still not working, restart your router.

3. If still not working once the router is connected to the internet, factory reset the Select.Live device (hold the reset button on the underside for 20 seconds) please note the device will only reset once you release the button after the 20 second period).

If the Select.Live device contains the latest firmware (4.1.1), and had been operating previously on that firmware, it should reconnect straight away. If it has firmware 4.0.0 and has to do a self-update, it may take 30 minutes to a few hours to re-establish the connection.

If you have a new modem/router or the above procedure does not work, please follow the steps in the Select.Live manual page 15 onwards

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