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Electricity is a major and rising expense for any company.  Businesses are ideal candidates for solar power as they use large amount sof power when the sun is shining.  Sunergy also offers heat recovery (free hot water) and energy efficient lighting to really blitz your bills.  We can also provide lease finance - install your solar with no cash down and pay for it with the savings; in many cases solar can be cash flow positive - you save more than your lease payments!

Sunergy's commercial leasing solutions are ideal for any business looking to avoid high upfront costs and long payback periods and are guaranteed to reduce your energy costs.  We provide full end-to-end project management including installation by our accredited solar experts.  It's quick and professional and you’ll start saving money from day one!

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Our proven methodology guarantees the most accurate results and the best return on investment.

Sunergy's founder has almost 40 years of experience in large corporates at GM level.  That's why Sunergy understands business and what's needed to show benefits.  That's why we've developed a fact based data driven methodology to show you what you'll get from your investment in commercial solar.

  • Free consultation & feasability study - is solar right for you?
  • Smart meter data analsis:  We create an hour by hour, day by day load profile for 12 months of history.  Its accurate, its specific to you and it 100% reflects your business energy usage.
  • System design and proposal:  We overlay sun data for your location against your load data and model various systems and panel orientations.  We can show you which design delivers the best return on investment.  We even consider which direction the panels should face to best reflect the time of day of your loads.