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Solar Panells


Solar panels convert sunlight to electricity.  Sunergy offers a wide range of solar panels and brands.  These range from 5 watt / 12 volt trickle charge panels, up to the 300 watt PV panels from Suntech.

  • Small Area Panels:  Most solar panels up to 160 watts are 12 volt (although we also offer a Solawatt 200 watt / 12 volt folding solar panel).  12 volt panels are ideal for smaller off-grid applications (12 and 24 volt systems) with PWM charge conrollers from Morningstar, Steca or Plasmatronics.  They are generally not used for grid-tie solar applications.
  • Large Area Panels:  Panels over 200 watts are generally 21 to 40 volts and are designed mainly for grid tie applications.
  • Folding Solar Panels:  These 12 volt portable panels from Solawatt are really handy for caravan and camping applications or where you need portable power.  They come with a built in regulator, padded bag and cabling to hook up to a suitable battery.

Almost any solar panel can be used for battery charging with either:

  • MPPT controllers such as Xantrex, Morningstar and Steca MPPT solar charge controllers; or
  • AC coupling an inverter chargers such as the Selectronic SP-PRO or SMA Sunny Island

Most of the panels that we sell over 200 watts are compatible with Enphase Microinverters for grid-tie applications.

All solar panels are rated in "Peak Watts".  The watt rating is how much power (amps times volts) the panel will produce at Standard Test Conditions (STC) which is 1000 watts per square metre at a cell temperature of 25C.  This is absolute best case.

Actual output is genarally lower by around 20% due to heat, dirt and less sunlight than 1000 watts per square metre.  As a guide, actual output will be closer to the NOCT (normal operating cell temperature) value on the spec sheets.  Good off-grid design takes panel derating into account.