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Off Grid Solar Kits

Because power is an essential service ....

Sunergy's off grid systems only use high quality components that have stood the test of time.  Brands include:

  • Solar panels from REC, LG and Sunpower
  • Inverter/Chargers from Victron, Selectronic and SMA
  • Batteries from GNB Exide, Sonnenschein, Nerada, LG and BYD.  Our off grid battery options include lead acid, carbon and lithium options.

Our off grid packages are designed to give you a good idea on how much going off grid will likely cost you.  Ideally however any off grid system should be custom designed for you.

Our kits include just about everything:  panels, tilt frames, cabling, batteries, labels, battery fuse, a user manual, a wiring diagram, battery interconnects and cables..

In most cases, the rebate goes close to covering the cost of installation.  And even better, if you install with Sunergy, you get 5 years workmanship warranty, plus with our 10 years on Selectronic. 

Our packages use tried and tested components because electricity is an essential service - just ask anyone who's had a 24 hour blackout!

For details and pricing of our off grid kits click here

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