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Off Grid Solar Kits

Sunergy has designed and installed hundreds of home solar systems over the years.  Sunergy's owner is off grid accredited and his family home is off grid - it's powered by system using a Selectronic SP Pro teamed with a Sonnenschein battery bank.

Our systems are designed to work and only use high quality components that have stood the test of time.  Most of our core off grid components come from Selectronic (Australian made), Germany (SMA and Kaco) and Europe (Fronius and Victron).  Our preferred battery banks come from GNB Exide, Sonnenschein, LG and BYD.

Our packages are designed as a starting point - ideally any off grid system should be custom designed for you.  We found however that many people's eyes glaze over when the conversation turns to watts, volts and amps.  So we developed these kits in response to requests from many people we speak to who want to know what's needed to run a fridge and a few lights or an average house.

Our kits include just about everything:  panels, tilt frames, cabling, batteries, labels, disconnects and isolators, a user manual, a wiring diagram, battery interconnects and cables.  We throw in a free in home energy monitor so you can keep track of your usage.  We've even included free delivery within Victoria and most parts of NSW, south east Queensland and SA.   So you know what your costs will be.

In most cases, the rebate goes close to covering the cost of installation.  And even better, if you install with Sunergy, you get 5 years workmanship warranty, plus with our platimum kits, 7 years on Selectronic and Kaco. 

We have 2 levels of package available:  Gold and Platinum.  Both use premium components and include everything you need and nothing you don't to provide years of reliable power.

Our gold packages are use Victron inverters and MPPT regulators coupled with Exide Energystore or Sonnenschein batteries and Trina Solar panels.  Our platinum packages are AC coupled and use Selectronic and Fronius inverters coupled with Exide Energystore batteries and Trina Solar panels.

Our packages use tried and tested components because electricity is an essential service - just ask anyone who's had a 24 hour blackout!

For the specifications of our off grid kits click here

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