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NEW Morningstar Sunguard Charge Controller

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Genuine official Australian stock, not some dodgy grey market import or fake! It’s no secret that a good solar charge controller is an integral part of a properly-equipped solar power system. If the sun were a truly constant power source, then there would be no need to worry about controlling the charge coming from our solar panels—the voltage output would be even and predictable. Because there are peak times and weather conditions for collecting solar energy, though, we are not working with a constant power source. You should be able to expect your solar controller to take care of the inconsistencies for you so you don’t overcharge and damage your batteries during peak sunlight times.

You should also be able to expect your solar charge controller to not break the bank, though. That’s exactly why we offer Morningstar’s Sunguard single module controller. Perfect for smaller solar energy systems, the SunGuard is based on Morningstar’s SunSaver solar controller charging circuit so it carries all the quality you need and expect. However, the Sunguard’s packaging was created to be less expensive so the savings can be passed on to you! If you need a great economy option for a solar charge controller which works with a smaller system, you’re looking at the perfect product for your needs.

Features of the Morningstar SunGuard Solar Charge Controller include:

  • ISO 9002 quality programs
  • 100% solid state design - no moving parts to break down
  • 0 to 100% pulse-width modulation cycle
  • No derating needed
  • Overload protection - rated for up to 25%
  • Lightning protection - 1500 W transorbs
  • Sturdy case - ABS plastic, shock-resistant
  • Outdoor rated - complete with Hypalon connecting wires
  • Much more!


Morningstar SunGuard Solar Charge Controller Specifications:

Nominal DC voltage 12
Maximum charge current (Amps) 4.5
Load Control (Amps) NO
Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) NO
Battery Type Sealed or flooded
Adjustable Regulation Set-points NO
Temperature Compensation YES
Display NO
Mounting Wall
IP Rating Epoxy encapsulated
Operating Temp. -40°C to 85°C
Ground Type Negative ground
Warranty 5 years
Weight 0.09

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