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Are You Ready to Go Solar?


The popularity of solar power has been steadily growing over the past few years, and it isn't expected to slow down anytime soon. With success stories in the fight for renewable energy from countries like Germany, who produces 50% of their energy with solar power, they have the rest of the world sitting up and taking notice, and Australia is no exception. In the past 3 years alone, the rates of homes with solar panels has shot up from just 5% of homes to 14%! Today around 1 in 5 Australian homes use some kind of solar energy. 

The growth in popularity for solar panels in Mildura is not only great for our planet and our communities, it is great for our pocketbooks as well! When you choose to power your home with a 3KW system from Sunergy, you can expect your purchase to pay for itself in as little as 4 years! The best part is that each and every time the price of electricity goes up, you won't have to be stressed out or worried, because it just means even more savings for you! 

Solar power is rapidly growing in popularity, and its benefits to our planet, our communities, and our pocket books have really helped to pave the way. Are you ready to go solar? If so, visit us online or in person at our Solar Discovery Centre in Bendigo! We will happily show you all of our products and help you decide what the best options are for you and your home. 

Fight the Heat the Smart Way

Summer is finally here, and while many of us are excited to pull out our shorts and sleeveless shirts out of storage, we aren't exactly thrilled about the heat. NSW has already had to endure some staggering temperatures this summer, and it is just the beginning, which has many people worried about the high energy [...]

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Put Up Your Christmas Lights Without Worry This Year

It's that time of the year again, time to put up those Christmas lights and turn up your favorite holiday tunes. Christmas is a magical time of the year, but unfortunately, it can be hard on your electricity bill. Sure, we all love to look at the sparkling lights on our homes and Christmas trees, [...]

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How Much Can Solar Power Save You

The market for clean energy is rapidly growing, and because of this growth, many people have started to become curious about how much they can save with solar energy and other clean energy products. Unfortunately, there is no specific answer that we can give you, but luckily, the experts over at Sunergy have a fantastic [...]

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The Advantages of Solar Energy

Have you been considering solar panels for your home in Bendigo? If you have read our previous blog, then you already know that there are many benefits to adding solar panels to your home. We discussed how solar panels save you money, protect the earth, and provide a reliable source of energy, but there are many more [...]

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How Solar Panels Can Benefit You

Have you been thinking about adding solar panels to your home, but you just aren't sure that it is a good investment? If so, then you have come to the right place. At Sunergy, we are dedicated to not only providing you with the solar panels that you need in Bendigo, but we also want [...]

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Homeowners in Australia Who Opt to Go Off Grid get Satisfaction from Independance from Power Companies and No Utility Bills

Making the choice to be on grid or off grid is a personal decision based on ideals and to some extent costs. Values are a bit difficult to evaluate objectively. For example, you might have rural property where it would cost three times the amount for a solar and wind setup than just to have lines extended [...]

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If You are Interested in Harnessing the Power of the Wind, Off Grid Power or Solar Panels, Australian Based Sunergy Can Help

The excessive heating of the earth due to the continual and growing burning of fossil fuels have forced nations across the globe to discover alternative solutions for power. The power of the wind as a way to generate power is increasingly being used extensively in areas like the United States, Denmark, India and Spain. And [...]

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For More Information Concerning the Utilization of Off Grid Power in Australia, Feel Free to Contact Us

If you are willing to make the adjustments, living off the grid comes with many added benefits. It is indeed a rewarding experience for those willing to put forth the effort. In fact, the benefits of living off the grid far outweigh any comforts that depend on fossilized fuels. Without those wallet-robbing energy bills, you [...]

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We Carry WATERBOY Solar Pumps Because They are Designed to Withstand the Harsh Water of Australia

Solar water pumping systems are modern but field proven means of pumping water in locations void of grid power. These systems employ PV cells to convert sunlight into viable electricity.One of the more common applications of a solar pump is to provide water for livestock. A solar powered pumping system can transform the availability of [...]

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