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Homeowners in Australia Who Opt to Go Off Grid get Satisfaction from Independance from Power Companies and No Utility Bills

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Making the choice to be on grid or off grid is a personal decision based on ideals and to some extent costs. Values are a bit difficult to evaluate objectively. For example, you might have rural property where it would cost three times the amount for a solar and wind setup than just to have lines extended to the property for electricity. However, homeowners in Australia who opt to go off grid get satisfaction from independance from power companies and no utility bills.

One of the main reasons people choose to go off grid is to be independent from the power and utility companies. You stand to be free from the terms and policies of local utilities and are not subjected to blackouts or brownouts. The less tangible benefits of going off grid are seen in the peace of mind homeowners experience because they are using energy wisely.

When you remain on grid, you have less incentives for conserving energy. For example, that wall outlet will accept anything you want to plug in it without giving you a low battery warning. That is, plug it in and keep it running for as long as you like. Just like an endless supply of hot water won’t help you take shorter showers.

Going off grid is not without its share of inconveniences. There are stories about families having to wait for a change in weather before able to do laundry. But the satisfaction of living outside the norm with sustainable energy should never be underestimated.